About Alex Galicia

Veteran. Business Owner. Volunteer.

Alex Galicia was born in Los Angeles in 1967.  Because his parents separation, Alex grew up spending time between Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Alex’s grandparents legally emigrated from Mexico to the US in 1915.  Alex’s maternal grandfather (and later his father) came to this country to help build and repair the railroads, both spending the majority of their careers at Southern Pacific.  Alex inherited his love of railroads, and later in life airlines, from his father and grandfather.

Though Alex never lost touch with his biological father, due to proximity, Alex’s other major father figure was his uncle by marriage, Benny Garcia.  Uncle Benny founded Alex’s company, BPI Plumbing.  He was a former Cuban Army Plumber.  Because Benny worked as a plumber in the National Congress, Presidential Palace and other government buildings he held a security clearance.  When Fidel Castro captured Havana, on December 31, 1958, one of his first acts was to order the execution of anyone that held a security clearance.  On January 3, 1959, Benny was working with two other plumbers, his childhood friends Pablo and Ivan, at National Congress.  They were arrested and taken to an old Spanish fort nearby in order to identify their identities.  The “identity verifier” was a childhood friend of the three.  He advised them that he would pretend they were “not themselves” because otherwise the next step was the execution chamber.  He allowed them to leave even providing them his own vehicle and a rifle.  His final parting words:  “Don’t go home to see your mother, don’t go see your girlfriends.  Get the heck out of Cuba!  I won’t be there to bail you out next time.”  They followed his advice by driving to the airport and commandeering a small plane.  Ivan was just beginning private pilot lessons.  He knew how to fly but not how to land.  They flew to Key West, FL.  By the grace of God, they landed safely but were immediately arrested by US authorities.  In early 1959, the US had no idea that Castro was a communist.  The three were finally released later in 1959 when the US government realized what was happening.

Uncle Benny’s influence went far and wide for Alex.  Besides gaining first hand knowledge of the horrors of the Cuban Revolution, Alex also learned from Uncle Benny’s American patriotism.  Uncle Benny, while a reluctant immigrant, finally accepted his fate and his deep gratitude toward the United States never subsided.  He repeatedly credited this country with providing him life saving sanctuary and allowing him to start a new life.  Uncle Benny was a staunch anti-communist his whole life.  Uncle Benny raised Alex to appreciate his country and to display his gratitude for being a natural born American citizen.  This played a key role in Alex later pursuing the military path.

In 1985, Alex graduated from Montgomery High School in south San Diego.  He enlisted in the United States Navy where he combined active and reserve duty until 1990.  Alex’s assignments included recruit training and subsequent service school at the Naval Training Center, San Diego, Naval Station Long Beach and a cruise aboard an oceangoing minesweeper, MSO-437.

After the Navy, Alex attended the University of California, Los Angeles where he was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics.    Alex was a foreign exchange student (Switzerland) during high school and gain during college (Hungary).  As a result, his linguistic skills upon completion of college included fluent Spanish, fluent French and conversational Russian, German and Japanese.

During college, Alex’s many “student jobs” included working as an event staffer at the Student Union, as a Travel Agent at the campus agency and also as a plumber in the family business.  His time as a travel agent developed into a 20+ year travel industry career that included United Airlines, where his linguistic and international experiences resulted in assignment to the International Sales Planning division.  His focus included Latin America but also assignments with Japan and Australian focuses.  Alex received an early retirement from United Airlines. 

After college, and during his days at United Airlines, Alex felt the call to service once again so he reenlisted in the military, though this time, in the US Army National Guard (California).  He quickly attended Officer Candidate School, which he successfully completed, and received a Commission.  Alex’s Army National Guard time was initially part time but after 9/11, it became a full time endeavor for the better part of the following decade.  His major assignments included serving as a Staff Officer on Operation Noble Eagle (the post 9/11 Airport Security mission), Task Force Transportation Officer (successfully performing far above his paygrade) a Humanitarian Mission to Central America (Nicaragua and Honduras), a 15 month combat mission during Operation Iraqi Freedom (Kuwait and Iraq) where he led a company of 160 Soldiers on almost continuous convoy operations. 

After returning home from Iraq, Alex continued to serve and spent additional overseas time in Ukraine, helping train young Ukrainian Army Officers as military logisticians.  From there, it was a 2 year mission, attached to the US Border Patrol, on the US-Mexico Border Mission.  His role was that of Safety and Environmental Officer ensuring the well-being of both the young Soldiers as well as their immediate environment.  Finally, Alex spent the last 5 years of his career with a Sustainment Brigade, focusing heavily on several “war fighter” exercises as a Transportation Expert.  The intent of these warfighters was to share his combat experiences in the training of troops preparing to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan.  Alex retired after 24 years (4 years as a Sailor, 20 years as a Citizen Soldier)  of service as a Major.

After getting off active duty in 2008, Alex returned home to take over the family business, the old Benny Plumbing, now BPI Plumbing.  Alex and a business partner successfully and profitably grew the business almost 10-fold.  Alex continues to run day-to-day operations.  They are active with local construction and veteran business associations.  Alex served on the City of Chula Vista’s Veterans Commission from 2009-2013, spending his last year serving as Board Chair.  Further, Alex has worked closely with Castle Park High school’s Industrial Arts program and sit on the board of the Home Building Institute via the Department of Labor’s Job Corps program in Imperial Beach.  In 2010, Alex was one of the signatories for proposition G in Chula Vista.  This referendum, which banned costly and exclusionary union-only construction agreements in Chula Vista passed with 56% of the vote.  Alex also served as signatory for Proposition A which similarly banned union-only construction agreements in all of San Diego County.  Proposition A passed with nearly 76% of the vote.

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Alex Galicia served in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army National Guard. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy, Department of the Army, or the Department of Defense.